When President Trump declared the State of Emergency, he knew exactly what he was doing. After three years, he knew the Democrats in Congress were never going to cooperate with us to do what was right for the American people. He also knows that in these trying times that would not be acceptable.

When the State of Emergency is declared, extra powers are given to the president to use at his discretion, including the ability to take total control over governmental decisions, bypassing Congress. Thus far, President Trump has avoided using these, but word has it that he’s reached the end his rope as Congress continues to bicker rather than do what needs to be done.

Sources inside the White House, namely Joe Barron, have indicated that President Trump, as early as next week, may decide to use those powers and take matters into his own hands. He’s always suggested that he should have this ability and has in the past been confused as to why every member of Congress would not do his bidding.

makes sense to do. We all know that Congress, particularly the Democrats, stalled and stalled again in finalizing a stimulus bill that citizens desperately need. This is clearly unacceptable. We are all well aware of President Trump’s uncanny ability to make sound decisions when the going gets tough. Clearly his judgment can be trusted above all others.

The American people elected Donald J. Trump to lead them into a new era. With this bump in the road that we’ve hit, we need that leadership more than ever. Congress is only delaying our glorious success and prosperity so it’s time to cast them aside. The Constitution matters not, obedience to our leader is what keeps us alive.

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